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Grapefruit & Sage Tequila Soda

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

This refreshing cocktail is perfect for a hot summer day. Free of sugar and artificial sweeteners, all you will taste is the herbaceous sage, the citrus of the grapefruit, and the smooth tequila.

Grapefruit and Sage Tequila Soda

Grapefruit and Sage Tequila Soda

I often drink wine or beer, but with the warm weather comes my instant need for a refreshing cocktail. I brainstormed recipes with many different alcohol, fruit, and herb combinations but kept coming back to my dear friend, gold tequila. From there, I found the fruit and herb that would stand best to this alcohol without getting lost in the drink and with the hopes of creating a unique combination.

Grapefruit and Sage Tequila Soda

Grapefruit and Sage Tequila Soda

Honestly, some of my favorite moments with Tessa included a tequila shot… or five. And so, in a funny way, this recipe is actually one of the more sentimental blog posts for me. I think back to when we have both had horribly stressful weeks from which we impulsively decided to go out and, despite our more sober boyfriends, have danced like mad women on an empty dance floor. We have always been there to help one another laugh when just cracking a smile seems tough and that is what I think of whenever I have a sip of tequila.

Grapefruit and Sage Tequila Soda

The Process:

I begin making this cocktail by slicing a ripe grapefruit in half and juicing half of it into a small measuring cup. Half of a grapefruit should produce enough (or close to enough) juice for one Grapefruit and Sage Tequila Soda.

Grapefruit and Sage Tequila Soda

I then take 3 large, fresh sage leaves and bunch them together. I roll the sage leaf bunches in between my hands until they have become smaller and darker in color.

By rolling the leaves together, I am activating the sage’s flavor.

Grapefruit and Sage Tequila Soda

I place these leaves into a medium glass. I fill the glass with ice and measure in one shot of tequila.

I prefer a gold tequila because it has a smoother flavor, while white tequila tends to be a bit harsher.

Grapefruit and Sage Tequila Soda

If you are not a fan of tequila, then you can use vodka instead!

On top of the tequila, I pour in the fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and top the drink with soda water. Stir gently.

Grapefruit and Sage Tequila Soda

For the garnish, I slice a piece of grapefruit and then cut this slice into quarters. I place the quarter of grapefruit into the drink to float on the top or add a slit in the grapefruit and put it on the edge of the glass. Then I add a sprig of sage and enjoy!


Grapefruit and Sage Tequila Soda


Grapefruit & Sage Tequila Soda

Free from artificial sweeteners


Yield: 1 drink

Prep time: 5 minutes

Author: Kitchen Potatoes



· 1 oz gold tequila *

· 2 oz fresh squeeze grapefruit juice (approximately half of a grapefruit)

· 3 sage leaves + 1 sage sprig for garnish

· 4 oz soda water

· 1 grapefruit wedge for garnish

· ½ tray ice cubes



  1. Slice grapefruit in half and juice half into a small bowl or measuring cup.

  2. Roll three large sage leaves together between your hands until they have darkened in color and bunched together. Place in medium glass.

  3. On top of the prepared sage leaves, fill glass with ice.

  4. Measure and pour the tequila and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice into the glass.

  5. Measure soda water and pour until glass is filled. Stir.

  6. Garnish with a grapefruit wedge and a sprig of sage. Cheers!



*you can swap the tequila with vodka (or your choice of liquor) if you would prefer.


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1 Comment

Jun 27, 2020

Can’t wait to try🍹🍹🍹


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